ShapeShift Crypto Platform Launches

by Average Joe Crypto
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Boom – The ShapeShift Platform has Launched


That  was the email  subject in my inbox a few hours ago. Since I don’t trust any email and links, I went and typed into my browser, and boom there it was. A sleek and modern website that hopefully brings ShapeShift back to the forefront of the Crypto community.

Just poking around the site I noticed a few things immediately.

  1. Non-custodial trading for 50+ coins and tokens
  2. You can purchase crypto with a bank account
  3. Real-time portfolio analytics
  4. Great design


Here is a video from ShapeShift about the new platform.

ShapeShift seems to be staying as close as possible to its original ethos of security and sovereignty. With regulations ShapeShift can’t do everything it wants, but it seems to be taking Crypto seriously still.

WSJ Crypto ShapeShift ShapeShift had to change its business model after there was a crackdown from regulators, and some negative press from the Wall Street Journal last year. The Journal had put out a big article on how easy it was to anonymously change Crypto on its old website. I did notice that near the bottom of the new ShapeShift website there is a nod to the Wall Street Journal, with a as featured in image, but no link to the story. I assume this was put there to get smiles from some of us.

The new platform should appeal to security focused users. It should also appeal to users looking for the lowest fees, as ShapeShift is claiming you can “Buy Bitcoin and other assets directly from your bank account. Fees are less than 1% — the best in the industry.”

Overall I am looking into using the new platform. I hope it surpasses other platforms and innovates the industry and technology.


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