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ShapeShift Launching New Crypto Platform

by Average Joe Crypto
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ShapeShift reorganizes products, offers early beta access


Shapeshift, one of the original crypto exchanges, is shaking up its offerings and products. Like many crypto companies, ShapeShift had a glorious 2017, followed by a terrible 2018, leading to layoffs and a hiring freeze. Unlike many others in the crypto space, ShapeShift is surviving so far, and with some luck will thrive once again.

While waiting for the Crypto pricing rebound, ShapeShift is busy re-branding its logo, and re-building its products.

According to Messari and CoinDesk, ShapeShift announced the new platform at ETH Denver last week. It sounds like they are taking Prism, KeepKey, CoinCap, and ShapeShift and rolling them into one platform. This makes sense as the platform took not only a hit from the pricing last year, but also the fact that they were forced to add KYC and AML. Which they had to do, but it cost them some volume, and I am sure a good amount of profit.

I was a heavy user of ShapeShift myself at one point, because of its ease of use, but also because I was constantly trying to change tokens, or accumulate new tokens without having to go find them on some exchange. My own use went down more because I stopped trading tokens during the bear market, and though the KYC was a disappointment, I did sign up for an account.

I have high expectations for ShapeShift going forward, as I do for many exchanges and platforms I used during the past few years. I hope to see all of them stay around, survive, and evolve.

If you are interested in Joining the ShapeShift Beta Platform to see what is coming, use my ShapeShift link. It is interesting to note that it is a dot com address. I am not sure if they ever used dot com prior, or this will be the new website domain going forward for the platform.

Side note to anyone from ShapeShift reading my blog; I think KeepKey would have more adoption with a new name, as well as better promotion and marketing.

Here is that ShapeShift Beta link again

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