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Average Joe Crypto Podcast

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Hey, thanks for stopping by to check out the Average Joe Crypto Podcast. I bought the domain and then started this website back in 2017, during the crypto hype and year of amazing returns. I was not sure what I wanted to do with it but figured I would start with a post or two.

The initial post was a research piece on ZRX. For a time that was in the top 5 results in google when you searched ZRX and Coinbase. It was linked to a lot by crypto podcast | average joe crypto podcastothers, so I thought I would keep writing similar posts. Like anything though, writing takes time.

Now, instead of doing deep dive research, I post about random crypto news, investment ideas, and other stuff. The website is starting to take some shape and I post more often now, and keep adding things to the site each month.

The latest idea I had was some sort of Crypto Podcast, not because I want to talk, but because so many people don’t want to read and prefer to listen to things now. So the podcast I created is just an AI voice that reads the posts that I write. If you listen to the first posts, that were not written to be translated to AI voice, thus they don’t sound very good. But the last few posts are a lot better, as now I write for the reader, but also the AI podcast. That then gets delivered to iTunes podcast and Amazon. I will try to add it more places as we go. As a current one man army, with a bunch of other thing to do, I get things done as I can…

You can check out the Average Joe Crypto podcast by searching your iPhone podcast store thing for the name or you can follow this link.

There are a few other random websites and podcasts also using Average Joe Crypto, so beware of those other ones… While I scooped up the domain first, I was a bit slower to grab all the other bazillion names on social and elsewhere.

However, I consider the Average Joe Crypto trademark to belong here, the source of all things Crypto for the average man and woman. Please remember, I myself am just an average enthusiast, who has an interest in traditional and crypto investing. Please do your own research and don’t take my posts as advice.

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