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Crypto Christmas Gift List

by Average Joe Crypto
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Your Official Crypto Gift List for 2018!


Everyone loves Christmas (or whatever alternative you might celebrate) and receiving and giving gifts. So what is better for Christmas than giving the gift of crypto to others! Or as many of you do, giving gifts to yourself! Below is a list of some of my favorite crypto stuff for 2018. Give to friends, family, or yourself this Christmas!

This list has crypto clothing, crypto wallets, crypto art, and of course actual crypto. Giving a friend or family member something crypto related is a good way to get others interested and start a conversation. Now let’s be honest, there is not as much excitement this year as there was in 2017. But that is all the more reason to gift someone some crypto this Christmas. It is cheaper for you to give larger amounts, and your gift has lots of room to grow during the next bull run!

Best Crypto Christmas Gift List

      1. CryptoHoodi – Clothing for crypto people. Bitcoin Hoodies, Ethereum and Vertcoin t-shirts, famous quote mugs from Lopp and Novogratz. My personal favorite is the gift box set. A sleek box that is nice to have, filled with a mug and shirt or hoodie. Check out CryptoHoodi merch here Tip – Signing up for their list gets you a discount code.
      2. CryptoGraffiti – A well known artists who makes sick prints and art. Sells a bunch of stuff on his website. My favorite is this print of Jamie Dimon that sells for $250 and comes numbered and with a custom QR code. I intend to buy myself one as a gift!
      3. Crypto- Give someone Crypto! You can send Bitcoin, Ethereum, 0x, Litecoin or more from Coinbase with just an email address. Coinbase is still the easiest way to buy and use crypto for the average person, especially a newb. For someone a little more tech-savvy use one of these cool little wallets from OpenDime.
      4. Ledger Wallet – Ledger wallets are essentials for any crypto enthusiast. You can gift one to family or friends to hold their crypto or give yourself this Bitcoin Whitepaper 10th anniversary edition 
      5. Exodus Wallet – This one is free! A great wallet for desktop or phone that is easy to use for everyone. Tell your friend to download it and send them a little crypto after to get them hooked on learning more!
      6. Newsletters – Sign them up for news so they can learn. Or sign yourself up to learn more. Emails from Pomp or Messari are a good place to start.
      7. Shapeshift – Was the place to go to exchange tokens in 2017. While you need an account now, it is still an easy way to change one token for another. It appears they might be headed to an actual exchange model, like Coinbase. That is just a guess though. Sign someone up now for an account and they get 100 of the new Fox tokens which come with additional benefits. However, they will have to finish the account themselves to verify.
      8. HTC Exodus 1 Phone – I can’t vouch for this phone, though I did order one just to test it out and review it. The phone is not at all related to the Exodus Wallet mentioned above, and probably is a little confusing to someone who is searching around. Not sure how good the Exodus 1 is or how practical compared to other solutions, but I do like the design.

    Crypto Christmas Gifts
    (Disclaimer – I am involved with or own some of the above products and crypto assets)

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