0x, Coinbase, ZRX October 11, 2018

Coinbase lists ZRX trading, What to know

by Average Joe Crypto

Coinbase just announced today that ZRX from 0x is going live for trading on Coinbase. Here is what you should know about ZRX and the listing.


Our first post ever was in December 2017, speculating that ZRX would be the next coin added to Coinbase. Ethereum Classic beat us to the punch but we are proud of that call and the research. Especially the Paradex graphic detective work that we speculated about. Which now looking back might have been one of the most obvious signs of the whole thing happening.

Anyway to understand the basics of ZRX and how it got listed on Coinbase we encourage you to browse the post we wrote. It is lengthy so feel free to skip through it. It does give a good overview of the token itself, why it might be a good investment or trade, and why we came to the conclusion it would be added.

The timing of the launch could not be worse given the down market we are in, so we don’t have the hope we once did for the bounce but I still think there should be some interest and appreciation from the current price. Hopefully if the market picks up overall there will be some good interest in 0x in the future.



(nothing written here is advice, do your own research!)

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