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Acting SEC Commissioner Roisman, good for Bitcoin and Crypto

by Average Joe Crypto
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The newest acting SEC Commissioner, Elad Roisman, is considered to be a positive development for Bitcoin and Crypto.

He has been in favor of allowing the average American to invest in more “risky” assets. For example, he voted for relaxing the accredited investor rules, which I believe should be fixed. This allows more people access and a level playing field. Roisman said “Depriving people of investment opportunities based on certain income and wealth thresholds objectively makes little sense.”

I wrote in the past about fixing the accredited investor rules here.

So you can imagine that someone like Roisman, who is for allowing people to make their own decisions and control their money, is probably crypto friendly. Some other things to know.

  1. Crypto Mom, AKA Commissioner Hester Pierce, was one of the first to congratulate him. Maybe as a signal to the crypto community.
  2. He served as chief counsel for NYSE Euronext
  3. Incoming President Biden will appoint a permanent Commissioner, making it unlikely Roisman will be able to bring any substantial rulemakings to a vote while he is caretaker

That last point is important, he is only in acting capacity. Many people out there seem to think this is permanent, it is not, and could change.

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