Galaxy Digital Stock Price Hits $2 Dollars

by Average Joe Crypto
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I often post about Galaxy Digital Bank Stock here on Average Joe Crypto. I have recommended it a few times as a traditional stock market way to play Crypto and the Bitcoin market.

It is now at the highest point since I have wrote about it. Today it was at a high of $2.15 and closed just under $2. I have personally averaged in at all different prices, quite a few times well under $1 dollar. As I have stated before here and here. There just are not many traditional ways for investors to play the Crypto markets, and a new bank that is poised to take advantage of the Crypto markets could be a good investment. Of course, it is a risk, but what isn’t?

I think that the stock is still undervalued and if Novogratz can do this right, and capture the traditional investors when Bitcoin and Ethereum take off again, the stock could be anywhere from $2 – $10 with the right market conditions. Let’s all cross our fingers that he figures it out and get the marketing and awareness to where it needs to be.

I especially would like to see it finally listed in the US markets, like the NASDAQ, or other exchange, which I think could really move the price and the awareness.

As a reminder, the ticker symbol for Galaxy Digital Bank Stock is BRPHF here in the US and GLXY.V in Canada on the TSX.

This is not advice.

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