Coinbase Announces IPO: Will it be a Direct Listing, and When Will it Happen?

by Average Joe Crypto
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Today Coinbase officially announced what we have all been waiting for, their IPO.

I have mentioned this pending IPO a few times on my website. Many of us were anticipating this, and the timing of the announcement makes a lot of sense.

Bitcoin is approaching $25k, and each day more traditional institutional investors join the herd. Every week we hear about another large company, or hedge fund, buying Bitcoin. Many big names are also making new BTC price predictions. Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd recently said that Bitcoin Should Be Worth $400,000.

There is obviously a movement happening here. There is a lot of excitement and a different feel than the 2017 Crypto bull market.

Here is a list of 5 things to know about the Coinbase IPO:

    • Coinbase has not provided much detail. It only shared that it had filed a form S-1 confidentially with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
    • Coinbase did not say if it will be a direct listing or not. I assume it will be direct because the CEO is not the traditional type. A direct listing will allow the average person greater access. We also do not yet have a potential listing date.
    • The company is valued at around 8 Billion. The filing should help shine a light on the company’s operations and how profitable Crypto and Bitcoin is for companies.
    • Coinbase currently has about 35 million users, more than Charles Schwab.
    • Bitcoin is now up more than 200% for the year.


Stocks like Galaxy Digital, Hive, Riot, and Silvergate Bank have all been rallying. This announcement should give these stocks even more of a boost.

Crypto and Bitcoin are in a bull market. Combined with traditional stock market highs, one would have to assume that this listing would be very big and a hot IPO.

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