I am Average Joe Crypto. Which is my chosen nom de plume. I’m an entrepreneur by day, aspiring crypto investor by night, and this is my website to share random thoughts and info about Cryptocurrency, Coins, Tokens, and ICOs.

I first learned of Bitcoin in 2014 but did not invest till late 2016. I invested in Ethereum and Bitcoin at the same time. I believe there are some great Alt coins out there but know most are scams. My crypto portfoloio contains around 15 digital assets at any time. I have invested in a few ICOs, some of which were quite complicated for a US based person to figure out but I managed…

So far all my trades have been based on research of the token, macro views, trends, and long outlooks. I make some shorter term trades but in general I HODL or go long. I appreciate charts but do not usually trade on charts, just pure research and my own decisions. I use my own criteria and views of the overall market and specific token.

I created this site to share information that might help other people. There is a lot of garbage out there on Twitter, YouTube, and other websites. My goal is to grow this site with more ideas, news, and some tools that others can consider or use to make decisions.

Everything on this website is my personal opinion, nothing is investment advice.


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